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The basics of a sunroom begin with the foundation and deck, you must have proper piles or engineered ground screen because of frost movement. If a permit is required an engineered stamp is required for proper posts, beams and length of the joist, which will be determined by following building codes. Start good and you will finish good; remember an inspection by a safety codes officer is required. Permits for walls and roofs must have an engineer stamp. The Sunroom Store does all the drawings and gets all required permits for its customers, including calling for inspection. The other design concern are wall heights. You must have proper height at the front of the room to be happy with the finished product. There are ways to adjust the back wall height which I have a lot of experience in. The great part about dealing with me is you deal with the same person from start to finish. My crews are trained by me and any sub trades are proven professionals. The reasons for building a sunroom are as follows: too much heat, wind, large amounts of rain and bugs. The product that you chose must be able to handle all these reasons successfully and be designed to fit your home.

The following rooms are put into 3 different categories.

The first rooms we did in 1984 have not changed today, 27" kick panel over aluminum, glazed single sliding windows, glass rake heads. Only the roofs have changed, new roofs of higher values have been added and are available in single and double glazed rooms.

Floor-to-Ceiling Glass:
These rooms have become very popular for the people looking for a view of their back property. They also blend into the home better than traditional sunrooms. The floors are always insulated and come with an insulated roof. It is easy to add heat for maximum use of your room.

The Built Pony Wall:
These rooms are our signature rooms. Matching the siding of the home helps blend the room into the home. The pony walls allow our 20 insulation. Electrical plugs can mount flush to the wall. Inside finish can be in cedar pine or dry wall, the cedar ledge on top of the pony wall allows a place for the knick-knacks of your choice. Available in 3 and 4 season rooms.

The Four Season Room
From a distance, it is difficult to recognize a three season room from a four season room. A considerably more economical stick built addition, the systems perform well in our climate. We use thermally broken aluminum channels with PVC vinyl windows. All glass comes with glow "e" and argon gas filled for high performance. The roofs have a higher "r" value than the three season rooms. Available in traditional floor-to-ceiling glass and built pony walls, the design is up to you. Individual heating systems work the best in these rooms.

Siding & Window Experts
We also build and design deck and patio enclosures, as well as install energy-efficient siding and windows to your exact specifications. You can rely upon our professional staff to offer you expert advice and recommendations to help you select the right products for your purposes. For more information about our products and services or to obtain a free estimate, please contact us!