Comparing 3 & 4-Season Sunrooms

From a distance it is difficult to recognize a three season room from a four season room. A considerably more economical stick built addition, the systems perform well in our climate. We use thermally broken aluminum channels with pvc vinyl windows. All glass comes with glow "e" and argon gas filled for high performance. The roofs have a higher "r" value than the three season rooms. Available in traditional floor to ceiling glass and built pony walls, the design is up to you. Individual heating systems work the best in these rooms.

When you’re trying to decide between opting for a 3-season sunroom or springing for a more costly but more energy-efficient and functional 4-season sunroom, please take these other differences into careful consideration:
•  4-season sunrooms will typically use energy-efficient windows with insulated glass, whereas
   3-season sunrooms will usually feature single-pane glass only.
•  4-season sunrooms will typically make use of extra insulation in the room’s walls, roof and
   even floor to help preserve heat during the winter.
•  An HVAC unit can help you achieve year-round comfort with superior heating and cooling functions
   in a 4-season sunroom.
•  You typically have more styles of windows and doors to choose from within a 4-season sunroom
   because you’re looking at different materials and options designed for your comfort.

3-Season Sunroom

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4-Season Sunroom

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